Concrete Services Rogers

Get in touch with a foundation contractor for concrete repair, patio pouring, stamped concrete, and more. Although many people often think of patios and driveways, there is much more than Rogers Concrete Pros can do with concrete. Discuss your options for decorative concrete, adding sidewalks, and making repairs to your foundation. 

Rogers Concrete Pros provides many other concrete services as well, including interior flooring concrete services and polished concrete. With Rogers Concrete Pros, you can explore the eye-pleasing flooring option that many people don’t know about. Our contractors can also explain your options for color stained concrete which can make a massive difference in how people perceive concrete flooring or countertops. 

Stained concrete allows your concrete to look more supple and offer various color mediums. The staining itself is the process of concrete soaking in tones which appear translucent at first. Then they provide a finish which can mimic various other materials. Including marble or stone. This option is the most popular for interior flooring concrete services as the floor won’t simply look like freshly poured concrete. For fun or experimental motifs, stained concrete can even be made to look like leather or wood. But unlike wood, or even stone, concrete is more durable and when necessary, easy to repair. 

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    List of Concrete Services:

    – Concrete Repair Rogers

    – Poured Concrete Countertops

    – Stamped Concrete

    – Polished Concrete Floors

    – Concrete Installation

    – Decorative Concrete

    – Concrete Foundation Repair Rogers AR

    – Concrete Walkways

    ​- Concrete Patios

    Concrete Countertops, Rogers AR

    making concrete counters in rogers ar

    ​Concrete countertops are growing in popularity. Install them in your kitchen, bathroom, or garage and have a durable, long-lasting, counter in any room. These countertops have become staples in many garage workshops, extended bathrooms, and even in kitchens. They don’t stain easily, they clean well, and visually they fit in with many different aesthetics. 

    Another factor that comes into play with staining and counters is that there is the availability of decorative concrete. Unlike other mediums, concrete contractors can take an artistic approach and install unique and decorative countertops, garage flooring, and interior flooring. 

    Concrete Flooring for Garages Rogers AR

    ​Concrete garage flooring, particularly polished concrete, is a great way to spruce up your home without making a major renovation. Rogers Concrete Pros helps homeowners determine which concrete service is right for you and your home. We can help you get past the basic concrete services and look at ways to increase your home’s value. Make repairs within your garage, put in new concrete counters, or install interior flooring concrete. 

    Complete the form on this page or contact our offices directly. Reach Rogers Concrete Pros at 479-279-8018 to schedule a consultation with one of our concrete contractors right away.