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A patio is a place to gather, hang-out, stay out of the sun, or host summer BBQs. Perhaps the most versatile addition you can make to the outside of your home, schedule a consultation with Rogers Concrete Pros to learn more about your options. 

Concrete is the most popular choice for patios gives it’s long-lasting and durable nature. It can stand up to having patio furniture moved around over the surface and even extreme weather storms. Find what uses are best for your family and discuss the possibilities for your new patio. Concrete is also not blatantly just a slab of grey material. 

Homeowners have many different chocies when it comes to concrete and how it looks in their front or back yard. Stamped concrete can recreate the look of stone, brick, and wood. With stamping and staining, you can achieve a completely unique look that will have your neighbors planning patio installations of their own. 

For concrete patio services in Rogers, contact Rogers Concrete Pros. Reach our offices at 479-279-8018. We provide stamped concrete and decorative concrete in Rogers and throughout all the Rogers surrounding areas. 

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    ​Concrete patios not only give you and your family the opportunity to spend more time outside and enjoy throwing parties, but it’s also cost-effective. Stamped concrete can give you access to a very expensive-looking patio that doesn’t require the annual maintenance, upkeep, or takes on damage. We can help you achieve an outstanding look without you having to break the bank. Its long-lasting power helps it’s cost-efficiency as well. You definitely won’t be replacing your patio after five or ten years, and the repairs for concrete are rare. Although concrete can wear over the years and crack in time, the repairs are not heavily expensive. 

    In addition to stamped and decorative concrete patio additions when doing concrete repairs as well. If your patio is already in place but has cracks, displacement, or weather wear you can schedule for a concrete contractor for patio repairs come out to your home, don’t put off concrete repairs or concrete patio installation. Contact Rogers Concrete Pros through the form on this page or by calling us directly to get a free quote.